We have just got even better. FREE laptop bag, with every laptop purchased.

Wholesales program

Rather than basing sales on volume, our company is customer oriented. This means that our wholesale program is completely hassle free for the re-seller. In fact, you will benefit from: 

- Up to 100% increase in return on your investment (When compared to profit margins for re-sellers of new laptops) 

- Customer Satisfaction - All products are Grade A+, Near mint condition and fully operational 

- Legally Safe – All of our foreign suppliers are MICROSOFT AUTHORIZED. All Laptops are pre-installed with GENUINE WINDOWS and carry an authentic windows serial key. 

- Quality Assured – In line with our TQM policy (Total Quality Management), we recheck all units for compliance with specifications and grading reported by our suppliers. 

- English Keyboard – All units have a “QWERTY” European style keyboard 

- After sales service – Laptops are covered by our suppliers with a 3 month warranty. We also offer a warranty extension at an additional charge, however, even when warranty has expired we conduct repairs very efficiently in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our after sales service team is also available 24/7. 

- Free Delivery – No matter how many units are purchased we offer 24/7 free delivery throughout Malta and Gozo. 

- Drop shipping – If you would like to sell our products online or through adverts without physically carrying any stock, you still can work with us. You just need to make the sale, we will take care of all the rest. Bargain Laptops Malta will deliver and receive payment in your own name and pay you a commission.